The whole Alai Valley is one of the most impressive and best areas in the country for beautiful trekking. From one-day tours to activities over several days, you will find a great variety here, usually with a dose of adventure! Apart from a few signed hiking routes, most of the treks are neither marked nor prepared. Sense and a spirit of adventure are required… multi-day tours can be undertaken on your own or with local guides and horses. We are looking forward to help you with the organisation and execution of a trekking. Our tip: very impressive are trekkings of several days up to the glaciers and to the foot of the Pamir giants.


Here in the Alai Valley you will often meet adventurers who cycle along the Pamir Highway or cross the huge Alai Plateau. This is a wonderful way to experience and take in the diversity of the landscape. But around Sarytash there are countless possibilities for exciting and technical bike trails. If you also like to push your bike and you are looking forward to a wild and challenging descent, this is the right place for you. There is plenty of room for unknown and new things with the bike!


The wild and huge glacier mountains invite you to see them from close, or even climb them. For mountaineers, the Alai Valley has just everything to offer! From classic and easy glacier tours to challenging face and pillar climbing. You will also find a suitable route at any altitude. Those who like to stay in lower altitudes will find countless unknown, mostly even untouched, 4000 and 5000 m peaks. Of course, you can also go higher, for example there are many different 6000m peaks at the Kurumdy and around the Pik Lenin (the world famous 7000m peak). Again, it is possible to undertake mountain tours and expeditions completely off the beaten track. All alone, enjoy the mountain world in its full beauty and without being disturbed! We are happy to help you with planning, logistic support or even realize your mountain tour or expedition. Contact us today without any commitment!


Most tourists only visit the Alai Valley during the summer months from June to September. We think this is a great pity. Because especially during the main season this plateau is wonderfully quiet and adventurous. In winter it is possible to make interesting day ski tours around Sarytash. From the simple powder flank to steep couloirs with abseiling you can find everything. Whoever wants to venture a ski tour of several days into the depths of the Pamir Mountains can do the same. Weather and conditions in winter are often favourable to tackle higher peaks and routes (of course with the necessary experience). Due to the vastness of the Alai Valley, you will find exciting touring possibilities even with poor snow conditions. So there are no limits to the imagination! We would be happy to advise you and help you to realize your skiing adventure.