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Arrival from Osh

In Osh, there is an international airport with connections to Moscow or the nearby countries. From there you can reach us by taxi or other means of transport in a four-hour drive on the M41. The route first leads through the wideness of the Fergana Valley, and after a short time, it dives into the mountain ranges of the northern Pamir. At the end of the journey, you will reach the beautiful and 3600m high Taldyk Pass. Sarytash is at the end of this pass, just at the side of the massive Alai valley. We are happy to organize the transport from Osh to Sarytash for you, just let us know.

from Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

It is also possible to travel from Tajikistan. Although not the fastest route to get into the Alai Valley, there are some beautiful places and landscapes along the valley from Dushanbe. Especially the lakes that lie along the A372 are very charming. But be careful, this road and the border crossing are partly closed for foreigners. Be sure to check the current situation before departure.

From Badakhshan (Tajik National Park)

The legendary Pamir Highway: this is the most impressive and exciting journey to Sarytash. The Pamir Highway is the second highest surfaced road in the world! Especially the ride over the 4200m high Kyzyl-Art Pass offers unique views of the huge glacier covered mountains and the typical red rock. Sarytash can be reached from the pass in about 2 hours (if the border is crossed quickly). Many travellers who visit our hotel are either travelling by bike or car on the Pamir Highway.

From Kaxgar (China)

From the Chinese border to Sarytash it is actually only a few miles. However, this access is not very popular, but offers some adventure in a remote area. A crucial part of the tour will be the border crossing to or from China, so you should plan on spending some time there. Scenically, however, the journey through China is beautiful!


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