Our Team

Shamurat Matiev

Hotelier on site

Shamurat is a real happy person and always striving to make every guest feel at home in the Sarysoul Mountainlodge. He manages the entire hotel operation on site and organizes everything necessary for the daily business. In his free time, Shamurat loves to be in the mountains. Whether it is by bike, hiking boots or in winter on touring skis. This has the advantage that he is very familiar with the local mountains and can give useful tips on tours and logistical matters. Together with his wife Anargul, he is also keen to give their children a good education.

Anargul Matiev Omorbekova

chef de cuisine

Anargul is our cook and a true angel. She is an upright, friendly and interesting woman. Anargul is able to realize the culinary wishes of our guests and create exciting dishes. Together with Shamurat, she strives to give her children a good school education. Anargul is currently learning English intensively herself and is therefore very happy to be able to talk a little with you.


Damian Göldi


Damian is our constructor and expert for tours at high altitudes. Damian grew up in Switzerland, in Toggenburg in the east of the country. On several expeditions in Kyrgyzstan, among others on the Pik Lenin and Pik Kurumdy, Damian immediately discovered his fascination for the Pamir region. As a trained constructor, Damian works throughout the winter in Switzerland for a company. His great passion is photography, which is the reason why he always brings back stunning photos with his expert eye. That‘ s why his main function at the Sarysoul Mountainlodge is everything that has to do with photography and design.

Marcel Jaun

project manager

Marcel is the outside thinker in our team. He grew up in Thun, Switzerland, where he still has his home. Sarytash met Marcel on a winter expedition in the Alai Valley and immediately fell in love with the local area and its people. As a studied industrial engineer, Marcel has a passion for organizational tasks and exciting projects with the Sarysoul Mountainlodge. In his free time, Marcel is a mountaineer and has already undertaken various expeditions in Kyrgyzstan as well as in Pakistan or South America. Marcel is responsible for the entire project management as well as the company leadership of the Sarysoul Mountainlodge.